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We welcome you to THE PALACE OF the ancient city of AYODYA
witness an enthralling BALLET that unveils the
ENIGMA of a tragic version of the epic of RAMAYANA ........."STORY OF SEETHA
" is the sad saga , where SEETHA was tested for her unblemished chastity
which she cherished steadfastly even during her painful imprisonment by the
mighty Demon king...RAWANA OF LANKA .
STORY OF SEETHA , adds more to the story of RAMAYANA which , as the
world knew, had a happy ending.....
Scene 1
The celebrative mind of the lovely Seetha was humming away an alluring melody which
unawares enveloping the greatness of her husband Rama combatting Rawana in
“Lanka Pura” and bringing her back to “Ayodhya” after many number of years. She was
impatiently awaiting for the warmth of Rama to cluster by her at any moment, the long
overdue emotion of love.
Scene 2
Slowly the sun threw out his net of darkness by hiding himself beyond the horizon,
where the night flowers started blossoming up to the silvery rays of the moon light. It
was a charming cool night. Rama lies in bed to relax with a light heart. But, a great
disturbance he confronts, the very pillow he was resting started to wobble, with great
confusion he lifts the pillow up and finds a picture of Rawana. Dark clouds of suspicion
haunted him against Seetha in covetous attitude. He tried to divulge back the memory
of the bitter battle he encountered with Rawana for the sake of Seetha! “Is this the
gratitude I am getting from her” he questioned himself. It led to misunderstand Seetha
Scene 3
Unawares of the whole scenario, innocent Seetha in the morning was calmly
getting prepared for a magnificent dance ritual called SHIVA DEWA POOJA.
Alas! Suddenly an eclipse of misfortune arose, Rama appeared with growling
voice and screamed at Seetha showing Rawan’s picture and asked for
explanations where Seetha became highly stressed of the unexpected faults
allegation made against her. Both young hearts were throbbing, Seetha with a
heavy question posed at her innocently and Rama fully doubting about the
picture. Rama demanded her to perform “Sathi Pooja” to laminate her chastity.
Scene 4
Flash back

Seetha’s mind started travelling down memory lane, when she was imprisoned at
“Lankapura”, the scene she could still remember at the “Asoka Gardens” of the
sturdy man who was playing the “Veena” melodiously and a pretty lady
advancing towards him, supposed to be “Mandori” his wife, and she admired the
passionate climax they were in.
Scene 5
The second night dawned, to Seetha it was a gloomy night, not a ray of
happiness in her lonely solitary heart. Her mind was not at ease. Only she knew
how pure she was, but highly shaken up by the words of Rama. She was
wondering how to make it clear for Rama as she adored Rama above all in the
world. She reminisces the battle between Rama and Rawana and also the echo
of the weep of Mandori she could hear still of the death of Rawana.
Scene 6
Flash back
RAWANA dies in the battle. MANDODARI sacrifices her life for the love she had
Scene 7
The dream and the melody of the purity of her chastity.
Scene 8
She order the Agni Jaala, and she sacrificed her life by walking into the fire circle,
to the stunned Rama’s astonishment, the fire flames disappeared to prove the
purity of Seetha, where this gives the world a message of “Purity in a woman is
sacramental” as a legend of Ceylon and Indian History.

 Concept/Script & Dance Choreographer – Chandana Wickramasinghe
 Music Director - Peshala Manoj
 Lyrics - Rathna Sri Wijesinghe
 Vocalists - Prof. Nanda Malani/Thilini Rodrigo/Asitha
 Stage Mgt & lighting Director - Upali Ariyasiri
 Sounds - Chandana Karunarathne
 Art Director - Hinatigala Premadasa
 Costume Designer - Chandana Wickramasinghe

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