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Lotus Dance

A Devotional  Dance -

blessing the audience with peace, prosperity and harmony.

Customs rituals and devotions have been part and parcel of the Sri Lankan society from ancient times. They have been handed down from generation to generation spanning over the 2,500 year old history of the country. Most of these customs and rituals are connected with the day to day lives of the people in the social and religious spheres.





Heritage Of Sri Lanka

A traditional dance from Kandy performed at

Festivals and celebrations with drummers and dancers









In Southern Sri Lanka over 100 mask dances depict different rituals. 

This mask dance is a fight between the cobra and the eagle

which depicts the fight between good and evil













  1. Rupat Nari

Heavenly maidens serving Kings in Royal Palaces during Ancient times




Thandava Nirthya

A stimulating fusion with African and Indian Drums, Electric Guitar, Indian rhythm and Chandana, Dancers








Sigiriya Apsaravo


A dance based on the beautiful and graceful heavenly maidens of Sigiriya.  Sigiriya is an ancient city/palace built during the reign of King Kassiappa.  Sigiriya today is a UNESCO listed world heritage site.




















A Mask Dance from Dahaata Paliya – a healing ritual dance from southern Sri Lanka performed with masks and fire




















There are 18 main dances in Kandyan Style which display the dancing of Birds and Animals popularly known as “Wannam” which means “the illustration”.

Gajaga Wannama means the dancing illustration of the “Kings’ Tusker”.












Gam Madu – A ritual dancing ceremony where the dancers exhibit their acrobatic talents which are inherited from Southern Sri Lanka



















A Royal dance created with the traditional songs of praise which became popular in the Kandyan era during the reign of King Wimaladharmasuiya. 

































Riddma Rata


Solo Drum Act ( Thammattama )



Rathna Deepa Janma Bhumi

This dance is created with a popular Sinhala Song.  The stimulating steps and expressions show off the beauty and rich resources available in Sri Lanka.






Gini Sisila

A unique dance with fire -

A dance originated from Southern Sri Lanka  also known as “fire dance” showing the power of charms over fire and the twenty seven devils that can trouble mankind.  The absolute faith of the fire dancers protects them from the flames



















A Fusion Dance with peacocks expressing carefree and joyful movements fused with vibrant and stimulating rhythm.  Peacocks are found in plenty in the jungles of Sri Lanka.









Beri Vrundha  

A combination of 4 Sri Lankan Traditional drums –

Traditional music is an important part of Sri Lanka's vibrant and colorful culture, Along with classical music drums are also used from ancient times. Sri Lankan Drum tradition is believed to go as far back as 2500 years. Drums were used for pleasure and for rituals. 



















A combination of traditional music and traditional drums beating to different rituals and dances carried out in Sri Lanka, in ancient times.  A dance with a modern concept displaying style, rhythm and character.





Solo Drum Act ( Low Country Drum )


A range of drums from different parts of the world beating to produce a vibrant and pulsating tempo and leading  Chandana’s dancers to move enthusiastically

















This lively and stimulating dance is created from a popular Hindi Movie song 












A dance from Southern Sri Lanka

The seven devol dances are an attempt to respond to the common belief that certain ailments are caused by unseen hands and that they should be chased away.



















A Royal Dance -  the traditional songs of praise which became popular in the Kandyan Era of King Narendrasinghe.  These songs of praise could be for the Gods, Kings, Noblemen and Royal family.























Wonder of Sri Lanka

Wonder of Sri Lanka is a creative act and the dancers twist and turn enthusiastically with stimulating steps and the expressions; showing off the beauty and rich resources available in Sri Lanka.

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