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NAADRO and CHANDANA live in Concert!


Two superbly skilled and gifted Sri Lankan Artists have produced a 90 minute live Concert Drums&Dance to energize and galvanize percussion, music and dance with an electrifying difference! Veterans Rakitha Wickramaratne and Chandana Wickramasinghe are renowned professional artists acclaimed and applauded locally and internationally for producing and staging novel recitals and concerts.
Both artists have exploited their obsession for rhythm from toddler days and achieved outstanding triumph. 

About Chadana…

Dance Choreographer Chandana Wickramasinghe an acclaimed dancer and founder of Dancers' Guild, has bagged many local and international awards for outstanding choreography, rhythm, style and character. Though a traditionally trained Kandyan dancer, Chandana has brought in innovations to the dance form, integrating it with modern beats, a bit of folk and a combination of classical and traditional interventions. Besides dancing, Chandana also has a secret yearning for films and choreography.

In 1999 Chandana Wickramasinghe and the Dancers' Guild was established and today with a troupe of almost 40 professional dancers train over 4000 students within Sri Lanka. The schools groom dancers' from the age of 4years and are located in Colombo, Galle, Kiribathgoda, Gampaha, Kegalle, Maharagama and Kandy. The troupe has travelled to almost 70 countries and performed before multi diverse audiences in the cities of Europe, Asia, Middle East, Canada and Australia and received great admiration for their unique style and exquisite dance rhythm.

Dancers' Guild is committed to offer traditional and alternate entertainment to a multi social diverse society through traditional and fusion dance blending with culture and contemporary music; and displaying poetry in motion through stimulating movements and vibrant rhythm. The youthful artistes will also promote this style and rhythm in all its activities via theatre shows, TV shows, music videos, workshops, concerts, cultural festivals, dealer conventions, fashion shows, beauty pageants, product launches and other forms of entertainment.



About Rakitha…

Percussionist Rakitha Ruwan Wikramaratne is the founder and leader of NAADRO - A percussion ensemble formed with a group of young professional talented percussion artists within Sri Lanka.

Rakitha a student of Royal College Colombo began his percussion debut with traditional Sri Lankan drumming under the expert and proficient guidance of Maestro Piyasaara Shilpadhipathi. Having a passion for novelty he went ahead experimenting rhythm with traditions and cultures around the world pacing with modern beat. Some of his favourite tempo includes Indian, Arabic, African, Japanese and Latino percussion.

Rakitha is the first Sri Lankan to introduce stimulating sounds and exciting rhythm with non musical instruments (egs: kitchen utensils, vehicle spare parts, masonry tools, etc.) and termed this creative cadence "sound making". Very quickly this pulsating "sound making" performance by NAADRO caught recognition and trapped reputed international and local corporate clients paving the way to expand into commercials with leading brands LP –USA, Gibraltar – USA, KIK-Sri Lanka, REMO-USA, Sennheiser-Germany.

NAADRO has performed at several overseas festivals and concerts in India, Singapore, Australia, South Africa, United States, Norway and many other international tours. The band is globally accepted as one of the leading youth percussion groups in the world dedicated to present rhythm and tempo with an innovative style exhilarating on diverse and assorted "sound making".

Annually NAADRO is invited to represent as an Endorser at the world renowned National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) show in the USA.


Drums & Dance – Item Order


  • Rock the Drums – a stimulating fusion with African and Indian Drums, Electric Guitar, Indian Rhythm and Chandana's dancers.

  • Rupathnari – A dance Act with heavenly maidens serving Kings in Royal palaces during ancient times.

  • Broken Rhythm – an energizing rhythm with Japanese Taiko Drums, Conga Drums and Australian Didgeridoo

  • Voice of Radha – An emotional and sensitive dance moving to the tone of Radha's heart broken emotions over her lover Krishna.

  • Take Five – A Classical Mix with Gatebera, Violin Thuranga Wannama Melody and Take Five

  • Gara Yaka – a dance with the Gara Yaka. The Gara Yaka is known to clean up the sacred altar of the Gam Madu after the finish of the rituals.

  • Box and Keys - A rousing rhythm with Peruvian Cajon Drums and Piano.

  • Mermaids & Sea Horses - A dance Act with Mermaids and Sea Horses dazzling at the bottom of the Ocean.

  • Marching Drums – Drum percussion with Marching High Tension Snare Drums and Japanese Taiko /drums.

  • Prashasthi – A Royal Dance with traditional songs of praise which became popular in the Kandyan Era of King Narendrasinghe.

  • Groove Tube - Sri Lankan and Indian Percussion integrating with Rajasthan music and rhythm.

  • Flight of the Bumble Bee - An energetic fusion dance imitating the movements of the bumble bee.

  • Drumology – A range of drums from different parts of the world beating to produce a vibrant and pulsating tempo while leading Chandana's dancers to move enthusiastically.

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